My two passions are treating people who have TMJ with co-morbid neurologic conditions and serving the needs of the impoverished.I had the privilege of being a part of something where giving of myself, my talents and my time over one weekend served many people. On April 12-14th, I flew to Mexico to serve with a Medical Missions team. The organization was Manos Con Alas Ministries, meaning Hands with Wings. It is a Christian faith-based non-profit California corporation, dedicated to bringing health services and simple shelter to the impoverished.This trip was to Casa del Pastor, a home in Baja California, Mexico for women and their children, who are abandoned and abused. Its goal is to minister to their spiritual needs while helping with their physical needs.

Our goal was to serve and treat as many people as possible. There is a great need there for medical and dental care. We worked out of a make shift clinic, out of a trailer, to meet their basic medical and dental needs. All we did was giving basic services such as fillings and extractions.

The people on this trip were Dr. Michael N. Budincich a Chiropractor, Dr. Mark De Leon and I were the Dentists, two dental assistants and several helpers and translators.

Between Dr. De Leon and I, we served the dental needs of fifty people. Dr Bud saw twenty-five chiropractic patients.


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